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Employee Feature

This Week’s Feature on our employees continues with the “security theme”.

How would you define your job, Fence?

Well, it is probably “safe” to say that my job is all about the negative. I am not pretty, I keep you out, if anything rubs me the wrong way, I call security, immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of anyone, I just cover a lot of ground and am constantly on the watch for problems so when I sense them, I call in the team.  

Your job is a pretty intimidating one, the fence covers the entire area surrounding the facility?

I surround the facility, I am the first line of da’ fence. Everyone stares at me thinking, wow, that fence looks pretty intimidating. Truthfully, I’m pretty sensitive, you touch me and it sets my alarm bells off. When you really start to get to know me you will see how complicated, finely woven and deep certain parts of me are. Try shaking me or climbing up and my vibration sensors go all tingly and I alert our Head of Security, immediately. 

What are you made of?

All steel and all stainless. I am anchored in concrete to start with. My tie-back system is state of the art and I am joined together like no other employee here. A couple of tricks up my sleeve too. Have you ever tried sticking your tongue on me in the winter? Try it, I won’t let go, it’s my protective nature. Scratch my back and trust me, I will scratch yours.

Strain of the Week; Holy Grail Kush

  • Hybrid strain cross between OG #18 and Kosher Kush
  • Potent gas and spicy citrus aroma
  • Typically producing large dense buds averaging 20-22% THC” 

“Holy Grail Kush was entered into the Hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup and came out on top. It is said to have nabbed the competition’s first-ever perfect score. ” via Leafly

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