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Remembrance Day

Canada House
 Helping serve Veterans with medical Cannabis in a
comfortable environment.

Let us all take the time on this Remembrance Day to reflect on our family, friends, and heroes who have served and protected our country. Our industry is playing a critical role in assisting the well being of our veterans. Each year, 20–30% of veterans suffer from PTSD and medicinal cannabis is one their treatment options. 

We wanted to specifically recognize Canada House, a medical cannabis clinic founded by retired Seargent’s Fabian Henry and Michael Southwell.  Currently, there are
14 locations open across the country.  Canada House was founded to create a safe and inviting space for veterans to seek support and solutions for their mental health.  They receive this support from medical professionals and advice from other veterans. Named after a building on the Canadian military base in Afghanistan, Canada House was known as a safe haven and gathering space while in combat.  Southwell has created a cannabis clinic setting with a warm environment, including a quiet lounge area, an area to relax watching TV or a movie, and a fireplace area for reading or relaxing.  Southwell has spoken often about his experience regarding his mental health after serving his country and returning home. Because cannabis was illegal at that time, prescription medication and liquor were his mental health solutions.  However , they only hindered his mental health issues. To date, Canada House has secured $2.6 million in claims for Canadian veterans. and continues to provide a place for vets and first responders to be assisted and helped to renew their lives.

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