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EZ Haze Feature

Hitting the British Columbia market for the first time is ‘Ez Haze’aka Girl Scout Platinum with a beautiful profile of 21.51% THC and 2.43% Terpenes this hybrid is sure to pack a punch of flavor and entourage effects. With top terpenes being Limonene (.38%) Linalool (.21%) and a-Cedrene (.20%), Limonene boasts a ripe beautiful fruit taste, Linalool focuses on the serotonin receptors, and the alpha-cedrene rounds out the smoke with a true to taste woody aroma. 



Last week our team harvested our first round of plants from our larger summer harvests. Starting with our Sweet Venom, aka Green Poison, the plants had a healthy life with lots of natural sunlight and heat in zone 3 of the Greenhouse. On harvest day, the smell was ripe of sour lemons, diesel, and a hint of violet flowers. The buds were hearty and sugar-coated with a great trichome structure.  After a 2-day harvest, the plants have been hanging in our drying room!  This week we will begin harvests for California Dreaming, followed by our first batch of Pink Kush. 


As harvest season approaches for most outdoor home growers, here is a guide for a safe and fun harvest party for you and your buds! 

Step 1)
Are you planning to wet trim or hang dry? This will determine how much time is needed, and of course how you will perform the harvest. 

Step 2)
Set the vibe. A workstation, a safe consumption area, and food of course!  Ensure all of your guests have a responsible plan for the day regarding transportation. 

Step 3)
Tools. Disposable gloves for the sticky nuggs, trimming scissors (+ hot water to clean them), and trimming bins to catch that kief!

Step 4)
After the harvest party is complete and everyone’s buds are curing, make sure to swap buds once the products are ready so everyone gets a taste 😉

Are you a retailer looking for a fun and educational way to expand your Budtenders knowledge on cultivation at Dykstra Greenhouses? 
Bring your Team down to our St. Catharine’s facility for a hands-on experience of our grow setup, have the chance to meet our growers and engage in unique Cannabis conversations with the DG Team! Your Team will leave feeling motivated and excited about the cannabis industry, and Dykstra Greenhouses.

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